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Beer Tasting Margaret River – A Beginner’s Guide

Beer Tasting Margaret River

The popularity of craft beer has exploded within the last 10 years in Australia. This has, in turn, led to more and more craft breweries popping up within the Margaret River region in Western Australia.

As little as 20 years ago, there was only one brewery within the entire region, which spans from Busselton in the north to August in the South. These days, you’ll find as many as 13 craft breweries offering a vastly different range of brews to tickle your taste buds. It’s fair to say that Margaret River now boasts some of the best breweries you’ll find in Australia.

So, here’s a basic introduction to the main types of beer you may come across on a beer tasting Margaret River tour.

Margaret River Beer Tasting


Lagers are a great entry point for new or occasional beer drinkers. With a typically light and malty taste, they are made with bottom-fermenting yeasts that have a lower tolerance to alcohol.

Some of the best lagers you’ll find on a beer-tasting Margaret River adventure are at Black Brewing Company, Bootleg Brewery, Brewhouse and Cheeky Monkey.

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Pilsners are a type of lager named after Plzen, a city in the western Czech Republic. Using more hop-forward flavours and a different yeast to lager, they typically have a more spicy and hoppy flavour.

If you’re looking for a great Pilsner, check out Brewhouse Margaret River or Occy’s Brewery; you’ll also find a unique Pilsner at Aravina Estate.

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Pale Ales

Pale Ale, along with Indian Ales, make up over 50% of the beer produced within the region and is the preferred choice of up to 80% of craft beer drinkers! They are medium-bodied, making them easy to drink, and they typically offer a malty and hoppy flavour.

You’ll find a huge selection of Pale Ale on your beer tasting Margaret River journey; however, some of our favourites include Beerfarm, Cheeky Monkey and Colonial Brewery.

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Indian Pale Ales (IPAs)

Indian Pale Ale covers several different beer styles with flavours generally derived from a mixture of hops, citrus and fruit. They carry a higher alcohol content than traditional Pale Ales and can often taste more bitter.

If you want to taste epic IPAs on your beer tasting Margaret River tour, some options include Beerfarm, Wild Hop Brewing or Cheeky Monkey.


Stout beers are certainly not for the faint-hearted. As a dark beer, the flavour can vary significantly from one brewery to another. A good stout is considered a “sweet, full-bodied, slightly roasty ale that can suggest coffee-and-cream or sweetened espresso.” The sweet flavours from the unfermented sugars are designed to offset the bitterness.

If you’d like to try some of the best stouts that Margaret River offers, include a stop off at either Black Brewing Company, Brewhouse Margaret River or Eagle Bay Brewing Company.

Sour Beers

Sour beers are a relatively new addition to the beer tasting Margaret River scene. With a completely unique flavour to all other beers, they often combine sweet fruits with sour elements to develop a tart flavour.

If sour is your thing, check out Brewhouse Margaret River, Colonial Brewery and Wild Hop Brewing Company.

Beer Tasting Tours

Beer Tasting Margaret River Tours from The MREWA

At The Margaret River Experience WA, we specialise in beer tasting Margaret River tours for all types and occasions. From bucks parties to footy trips to a family or couples’ day out, we have a fun and flexible solution for just about everybody!

Whether it’s your first time visiting the region, or you’re a regular, you can design your own day or ask for some advice on the best breweries to visit. Our beer tasting tours Margaret River are so flexible that you can even throw in a winery, or distillery or stop off at the local chocolate or ice cream factory.

Our private beer tasting tours are available 7 days per week and suitable for groups of up to 20 people. We’ll usually visit 4 or 5 breweries on the day, depending on your desired pace, and you can decide on where you’d like to stop off for lunch.

Call Jye today on 0484 538 885 to discuss your options and learn more about our rad beer tasting Margaret River tours.

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