Wine & Food Tours (old)

This range of tours runs daily and are open for all to enjoy, the day will be made up of a 5 person maximum of like-minded people enjoying a small intimate tour of some of the best experiences we can find. With all the luxury of a Lexus tucked into our Toyota Tarago we roll around the region in style. Now to decide what Experience is best for you?


This Experience is a compilation of my favourite wine makers and venues i have found over my 15 years in the wine industry and 3 years of tour operating. As I have been working
on a Vineyard since 2005 doing everything from planting vines to making vines
we felt there was something we could offer as a "Real Margaret River
Experience". There is no end of elaborate estates, premium wines and high
end dining experiences but there is so much to the industry then that. We have
found the smaller producers in the region are the real craftsmen of the trade,
they are working with small batches, minimal machine intervention and putting
there flare on the wine they produce. So if you don't mind a few cobwebs, want
to get behind the scenes and meet the people making the wine, this is the
experience for you.


The Finest 4 as the title suggests we visit 4 of the finest wine venues in the region. From where it all began, to the best regional restaurant in W.A for a luscious lunch. You can expect a day of premium wines, elaborate estates and tantalising tastings.


This Experience is a something we love to do, we have partnered with some of the stops along the way to ensure that a special and unique experience is to be had. You can’t start the day without coffee, so tick that off the list! A splash or two of handmade wine followed by some cheese and crackers is usually on the cards. We then head into the heart of the region for a flight of wine and a slightly larger nibble of goodness! Top that off with some chocolate and a few other surprises along the way and we’ll have your mouth in a drool and those bellies all full!