Terms of Condition and Policy

T & C’s

Terms of Condition and Policy


  1. Don’t be a douchebag. No one likes a douchebag!
  2. Consume alcohol in a responsible manner.
  3. Drink water throughout the evening and in between drinks.
  4. Look after your mates, make sure everyone gets home safe.
  5. WA Responsible Service of Alcohol laws require the people that are serving you to monitor your level of intoxication. Basically if the bar offers you a water, smile, take it and say thank you.
  6. If you are asked to leave a venue, just leave. If the venue asks you to go, you must do so even if you disagree with their decision. If you refuse to leave, you may be physically removed or could be moved on or even arrested by the police for trespassing.

At The MRE WA, we hope everyone on our services and the community enjoy the events they have attended. There is a ZERO tolerance for any disorderly behaviour of any type on our services at any time.



We aim to provide services of the highest quality by staff properly trained in the performance of the duty. The obligations and rights of the operator relating to the unruly and disorderly behaviour of guests will be politely but firmly enforced to ensure a satisfactory time is had by all.

Cancellation Policy

  • 50% Confirmation Payment is non-refundable.
  • If for an unforeseen reason a cancellation should occur, the Confirmation Payment is lost and this payment is NOT used as credit for future use.
  • Absence (no show) full charge applies.
  • If less than 48 hours before will forfeit 75% of total fee and 24 hours no refund.
  • Genuine unexpected circumstances open to interpretation from management at The MRE WA.

Soilage and Spoilage Charge

A cleaning fee will be charged to the guest based on any damages arising from soilage and spoilage. The amount charged will relate to the individual circumstances. Vandalism on any vehicles or to any properties visited by The MRE WA will be addressed with prosecution if not agreed to like adults.

General Conditions

  • The MRE WA reserves the right to cancel tours due to insufficient passenger numbers; a full refund applies.
  • Additional beverages may be purchased at your own discretion on services.
  • Food and beverages may not be consumed on our vehicles.
  • Alcohol cannot be consumed on board or carried open by law under section 119(a) of the Liquor Act. Large fines apply, and this is enforced by Police.
  • We accept no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  • Individuals are responsible for any damage inflicted to our vehicle.
  • Passengers causing a nuisance may be removed from our service. The MRE WA will not be liable for any expense incurred by the passengers should this occur.
  • Every effort is made to provide the best touring experience, but no liability is accepted for any illness, injury, delay, inconvenience, loss or damage whilst on our services.

Booking Conditions

  • All transactions are processed in Australia Dollars (AUD) and include GST (Goods & Services Tax).
  • Full payment or credit card details are required to confirm bookings.
  • Private charters/passenger transfers (after hours) require a 50% Confirmation Payment (deducted from final amount).
  • Payment is accepted by MasterCard or Visa.
  • By making payment or providing credit card details, you automatically accept and verify the outlined terms and conditions.

Group Bookings

  • Group bookings require a $250 (AUD) non-refundable Confirmation Payment (deducted from final amount).
  • Once your nominated travel date has been secured with payment, this may not be able to be altered otherwise loss of payment will apply or a future credit may be an option.
  • Passenger numbers must be confirmed, and final payment due no later than 7 days prior to the bookings.
  • When booking a specialized tour (bucks or hens ultimate experience tour) minimum numbers must be met or payment for 10 passengers will apply.
  • To have exclusive use of The Margaret River Experience WA services, a minimum of 10 people is required to travel, or payment for 10 people will apply.


  1. It is recognized and acknowledged that the excessive or irresponsible consumption of liquor can be harmful to individuals and the community.
  2. It is not our intention or desire to permit or allow our patrons to consume liquor on any premises to an extent that is harmful to themselves or others, and we are committed to monitoring alcohol consumption of our guests in a responsible manner in accordance with the Guidelines published by the director of liquor licensing. We strive to do this to the best of our ability.
  3. It is our responsibilities as Operators and the duty of our employees to identify patrons who are consuming alcohol in excess or in an irresponsible manner. Management aims to discourage the irresponsible or excessive consumption of alcohol by implementing strategies to prevent or reduce such activities on the part of our guests.
  4. We encourage and require our patrons to consume alcohol on our services in a responsible manner, and staff will require any guest who consumes alcohol irresponsibly and behaves in a disorderly manner to be escorted from our service immediately in an orderly fashion when requested to do so.
  5. We respect the rights of our communities not to be unduly disturbed or inconvenienced as a result of the operation of our service, and we expect and encourage our guests to also respect the rights of our communities and to behave in an appropriate manner whilst participating and leaving our services.
  6. The M.R.E.W.A is committed to addressing any complaint that may arise from our activities on our services or the behaviour of our guests on our service and will attempt to deal with and resolve any such complaint in an expeditious and appropriate manner.


The Margaret River Experience WA reserves the right to refuse passage to any guest exhibiting anti-social or unlawful behaviour according to Public Transport Competition Act 1995 with a full no refund policy.

Due to unruly, disorderly or intoxicated behavior there is a possibility you may be asked to leave or refused entry to the establishment that you have attended. This has nothing to do with The Margaret River Experience WA and will not interfere with the decision made by the premise’s management.

The Operator of our services may also deem your behavior to be beneath the expected standard necessary  to ensure a safe and friendly environment for the community. This may not be of the view of the venues however you will be escorted from our service and will have to make your own way back to your home or accommodation.

However, if you happen to be ejected from a venue and your behavior or demeanor are of a reasonable level, we may be able to offer you a lift home for an extra charge of $30 per person to a maximum of $60. This service may not always be available and is up to the Operator’s discretion to determine if this service should be provided.

We take the conduct of our guests very seriously and will not be threatened or abused in a physical or verbal matter.